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New Banner

New blog banner warrants a new post, surely? I changed it to a digital composition I’m working on for a fantasy battle illustration, and it feels very apt to the times I’m struggling through. It’s just a rough sketch on my iPad at the moment, with some photographs and screenshots thrown in, but I’ll be […]

More Ink Doodles

Sometimes the pen and ink fever just grips me and I end up staying away from pencils or digital tools for months at a time. This feels like one of those times. It’s not that I don’t love graphite or my Apple Pencil; it’s just that there’s something so special about the feeling of running […]


I’ve been running low on inspiration, so have decided to focus on a broader range of subjects and techniques to keep myself interested. Although I generally enjoy figure drawing, and whilst doing sessions from time to time is excellent practice, I find it a very uninspiring activity when there’s not much else going on in […]