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For the Love of Art

I don’t know if there’s anything quite like the feeling of being wrapped up in sketching and mark making after a long and very emotionally trying creative block. Not to say that I’m past it entirely, but I can feel it starting to give way, starting to see slim rays of light breaking through the […]


I’ve had creative blocks before, of course, but never quite so debilitating as this one. To be fair to myself, circumstances have never been stranger, for anyone, and it’s no different for me. Soon after the Prime Minister enforced the nationwide lockdown that we’re still in the midst of, I was hit by a series […]

Fishy (And Fresco)

Another dip pen and ink sketch, this time with the Leonardt HIRO nib, a seemingly little known but incredible nib for sketching on smooth Stillman & Birn Zeta paper. Used this time with Pelikan Brilliant Brown ink; one of the few bottles of fountain pen ink that is locally available at a relatively reasonable price. […]


They will call you Medusa, and freeze you in a cast of bronze, of marble, glazed upon wood and flattened between the pages of books. He who will come to your island to decapitate you will be hailed a hero, and your head will adorn the shield of Athena. He will be Perseus, the slayer […]