Warrior sketches

It’s fascinating, but also rather horrifying to conceptualize weapon and armour technology for battle. Too much fantasy concept art goes overboard with making the weaponry ‘look’ cool; we tend to forget that there is really nothing beautiful or elegant about things forged with the express function of taking life.

I’m not really sure what I was thinking about when I sketched the one below, except that I wanted to flesh out the sketch of the knight that I’d done before. I like the idea of the tri- pronged helmet, the fact that underneath it and the visor he has no face, and his superhuman combat abilities. His helmet and the finishes on his armour are gold; the rest is bronze and copper coloured. He can wield a great sword with one hand, is ambidextrous, and uses his spiked shield as an offensive weapon as much as a defensive one. He also has long spear and two shorter, slimmer blades for two handed swordplay. Basically he’s the ultimate guard/ knight/ soldier.






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