I’ve recently started a new job (my first proper job) at Maya Digital Studios in Bombay as a storyboard artist (well, technically a trainee for the first couple of months shhhh). It’s hard work. The hours are long, we don’t get Saturdays off, and sometimes have to work on Sundays and on public holidays too. The guys at work try very hard to make me use their cheap Wacom Bamboo tablet, Dell monitor and professional Toon Boom Storyboard Pro software, but every time they come to my desk they find me with my good old physical sketchbook and pencils.

Nothing beats pencil and paper. Nothing is as accurate, as full of natural character, texture, or liveliness. I see all the other artists in the studio with their non drawing hand continually on Ctrl Z, ready to undo a stroke gone wrong. In my opinion, that’s no way to draw. That’s just wrong. Having said that, my work at the moment is quite enjoyable so I can’t complain. I’ve been instructed by my head of department to do as many studies of master sketches as I can, so that’s just what I’ve been doing.



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