Sketching without References

When I first started falling in love with drawing, I was 12. But for the first couple of years I had absolutely no interest in drawing from reference or understanding technical things like perspective, lighting, tonal variation or anything about anatomy, shape or form. A few years later, during IGCSE Art classes, I went the other way completely and fell in love with observational drawing. It’s a very singular, pure state of mind that eclipses all distractions. There are very few things in life that are as rewarding as being in a state of deep, intense focus, or flow.

I have been trying to find a way to configure my childlike impulse to sketch from the imagination into my more adult desire for technical proficiency ever since. There must be a way to loosen up and free the dreamer in me without bypassing the technical skills I’ve developed since then.

Trying my hand at environmental sketching from my head.


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