The Best Notebook in the World

It’s the Mnemosyne blank A4 notebook by Maruman, a Japanese make rarely seen in this part of the world. But it’s so, so good. Everything about the notebook oozes quality, from the smooth hard covers to the incredible paper quality inside. The surface of each page is so smooth that even the fussiest of pens run like butter, and when I touched the water brush to the ink lines to bleed them, the diluted grey water moved around on the surface instead of soaking in at once as it would have on more fibrous paper. Fine, black ink lines are incredibly crisp. It’s so good that I’m wary of filling it in with shabby sketches, even though that’s what sketchbooks are for, for sketching and not thinking about making impressive stuff. Perhaps best of all, it’s spiral bound and each page is perforated near the edges, so taking a page out won’t destroy the binding.



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