My Google Pixel phone is barely trudging along, and with the release of the new long awaited iPad Pro’s, I don’t have enough saved up to spend lavishly on a new flagship phone, too. I was fretting about my options, since I take photos of all my sketches with my phone because of its great camera. Otherwise, I really have no use for a fancy phone. Then it hit me.

For just a few thousand rupees I now no longer have to go through the trouble of photographing paper sketches anymore; the scanner I got does its job with high accuracy and super high resolution. It looks like an old PC from 2005 but it’s much lighter and required no power cable at all- just a USB plugged into the laptop. I can’t believe I never thought of this sooner; it’s such a simple solution and it means I can buy a cheap smartphone without ever having to worry about the camera not being good enough.

Sure I won’t get the beautiful outdoor shots I get with my Pixel but most midrange phones are good enough. Come to think of it, an entry level DSLR costs about Rs. 30,000- less than half the price of some flagship phones today. Technically I could’ve gotten my Epson v39 scanner, a Canon DSLR camera and a One Plus smartphone all for less than the cost of the new ‘budget’ iPhone XR…

In any case- I’m pretty happy with my new scanner. It’s simple and quick and completely hassle free.

It’s weirdly exciting to see the precise ivory colour and grain of my sketchbook on the screen. No photograph has ever been able to capture the warmth of the paper colour without sacrificing details in the sketch


img014 (2)



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