Battle! (First Illustration using the new iPad Pro 2018)

As if this blog weren’t already inundated with warrior, battle, and armour related imagery! But this time around it’s a bit different because a) the composition and characters are entirely my own and b) I used a mix of traditional and digital tools in my workflow until I arrived at a sketch I was reasonably pleased with. The main figure leaping into battle is one of my own characters from a world I’ve been building and furnishing for years, but am very shy to share with most people.

Like most of my work, this one started off as a sketch in a sketchbook- two sketches in two different books, in fairness, which I then put together in Procreate on my (new!) iPad Pro. I was very excited for my new 12.9 inch 2018 iPad Pro, since I upgraded from the original 2015 one, and three years have taken their toll on its once beautiful screen. But to be perfectly honest, I don’t actually notice much difference between the older and the newest model.


I know it’s supposed to be incredibly souped up but performance wise I don’t notice much difference at all. Sketching and painting apps run ever so slightly smoother (about 10%) and the improvement in pen latency, while noticeable, is rather subtle. By far the biggest improvement has to be the cool, minimalist new design, and the way the Pencil magnetically attaches and charges by sticking to the iPad. The Pencil’s been shortened and given a really nice matte texture this time around, which is a step up from the old one’s fiddly end cap and glossy body.

But apart from that… there’s really not much difference. I suppose I shouldn’t have expected much considering the 2015 model was also a beast for its time and iOS apps are generally lightweight, but I’m hoping more heavy duty apps come along to take advantage of my new iPad’s power.

I love the iPad Pro’s smaller footprint and 256gb of storage- it’s very freeing, not to mention the Space Gray variant looks gorgeous.

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