The Young Wolf


I haven’t been drawing much at all lately, life has just been dragging along from day to day. But I did want to do at least something before Game of Thrones Season 8 hits the screens, so here it is. The original plan was to do a sort of sketch countdown in the final two weeks, sketching all my favourite characters alive and dead to get hyped, but my illness and deadly prescription drug withdrawal has meant the last few weeks have been far less productive than I’d have liked.

Anyway- this one’s for Robb Stark, the Young Wolf, cruelly murdered just when he seemed unstoppable. Robb isn’t just ridiculously handsome, he was a terrific battle commander who played his own inexperience with war in his favour, letting the Lannisters underestimate him at every turn. And who can really, really blame him for the one fatal mistake he made- the decision to marry someone he loves? It’s really too bad that none of his surviving (and far less likeable) siblings seem to remember him much. The only person they miss seems to be Ned. Cat, Robb, Rickon, Grey Wind, Summer, Shaggydog, Lady… all forgotten : (

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