The Last of the Dragons

Far up in the north, beyond the reach of the people who would hunt them and kill them if they ever realized they were still around, live the last, tiny remaining colony of the mountain dragons. The sea dragons withdrew into the deepest parts of the oceans when the hunt began, and the marsh dragons were nearly all killed as their bogs were invaded by men. The fate of the mountain dragons, the only ones who can still fly, remains to be seen. Some say they are gone already, nothing but memory. Others say they never existed in the first place, and were the stuff of myths to begin with, exacerbated by the proven existence of their cousins in the sea and deep in the marshes.

I love dragons. Mostly because I’ve been harbouring an obsession with flight ever since I read about Harry Potter and his Nimbus 2000. But it’s more than just that. Dragons get a bad rep in European mythology, but are much more interesting in Chinese and Japanese myths. Planning on doing some more research and learning some bird anatomy so that I can better explore fantasies of flight.


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