Revisiting Old, Old Sketches

I did these back in 2013, back in my second year of university. I can only tell the rough timeline because of the room in the flat I was renting at the time- it had a wallpaper pattern like jail cell bars all over it, which wasn’t the most uplifting visual to be surrounded by in a room that tiny. Have a look!

Pretty sure that’s my old, weathered TWSBI notebook, that is now coming apart. It was a great paper for fountain pen ink, though, and I’m fairly certain I used a Platinum Carbon pen to make this ink sketch, and snapped it with my Nexus 5. Found a slightly better photo, and took it to Procreate to add some colour and fix the lighting.

It’s interesting to observe just how far technology has come in the 6 years since I first drew this. Those crisp, steady ink lines were virtually impossible to reproduce digitally at the time, even on my Wacom Cintiq. Now, however, Autodesk Sketchbook, Clip and Procreate for the iPad have some incredible inking tools that take you 95% of the way. I still maintain that traditional dip pins and inks cannot be matched in the digital studio space, but I look forward to finding out when that ceases to be true.

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