Roughs and WIP’s

Just more stuff I’ve been working on. So much of the early thumb-nailing and roughs are pencil on paper, and I have such a mediocre phone camera, and such laziness when it comes to actually using my very capable scanner, that I end up never digitally consolidating these sketches unless they’re going to be developed. But even low quality photographs of extremely rough sketches taken into Procreate or Clip Studio allow me something a completely blank piece of paper doesn’t: something to build upon. I enjoy looking through archives for ideas to develop, and lately I’ve come to realise that even the crappiest of thumbnails and sketches can lead to something decent if they’re just developed.

I think I’m getting better at telling earlier on which sketches have potential, and deciding how better to choose and use references. I’m also generating multiple thumbnails, and putting them here; some of them will be developed, others will fall by the wayside if they don’t fit the narrative.

These kind of thumbnails, like the ones above, are the kind I produce just for myself- just me trying to figure out how scenes will/ can look without wasting too much time on something that isn’t working. I like to fill sketchbook pages with these, and they’re in no particular order- I know the chronology in my head but an audience/ client won’t, and some of them are so rough they’re unreadable, so this is probably the first time I’m sharing something from so early in the process.

I did all the colouring digitally, using a single flat, textured brush that I’m very fond of because it’s so sketchy and noisy.

Normally I wouldn’t share these kind of sketches with anyone; I’d at least clean them up and tighten them a bit, but this is my blog not my portfolio or website so I don’t feel too exposed dumping them here! There will be another batch of super sketchy thumbs, then some more rough sketches, and then perhaps a few more pages of of Old Stones will follow.

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