Little Sketches

Starting to ease back into daily practice, soft and slow, using the tools I love best and keeping things small and simple.

This is something I doodled when listening to a very sad song (thanks YouTube), and for some reason it made me think of parents saying a final goodbye to their only child. I know who these people are, of course; characters from my story that I daydream more than write about really. I’ll need to find references to develop the sketch, though- if I have the energy for it. Most of my life I’ve felt like my creative energies vacillate between making art and writing. Sometimes I blame that vacillation for not being fully able to commit to either; at other times, I’m grateful to have things to switch between when a creative block sets in.

Here’s another little character I doodled whilst listening to the same song.

This lady above was a Pinterest study.

And this guy is some sort of fawn or satyr or goblin man, again just doodling but this time no songs.

And finally here are some tiny little thumbnail studies of landscapes, something I return to when I’m really struggling. I find the more I struggle, the more thumbnails help me- especially smaller ones which forcibly prevent me from being caught up in details.

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