Ever since I was very young, I’ve had a soft spot for fairy stories without happy endings- sometimes even those with explicitly bleak or tragic endings. Since these tales are usually written for children, this sort of story is hard to find. I’d known of some Hans Christian Andersen ones, of course, and thought myself […]


This is Princess Juliara Reid, from the story I’m working on. This is one part of the story I’ve got alll figured out so it’s really exciting to explore character visuals for it. The first drawing is her without her disfigurement/ blue-green scars, when she’s Illusioned to look as she would without them. The second […]


He watched Juliara climb onto the back of her young dragon, scarcely larger than a fledgling, and knew his last hope for returning home was about to fly into the horizon and forever beyond his reach. He’d pressed the token of his fathers into the girl’s hand, in the desperate hope that it might preserve […]


Hers was not a name I had encountered among any of the royalty, male or female, for it meant truth. Not one who serves the virtue of truth in the Gods’ names, not one who speaks truth in wisdom, not truth allied with nobility or faith or trustworthiness: but simply, Truth, in all its harshness, […]