Now that I’m signing on for online classes on Schoolism and NMA that aren’t prohibitively expensive like CGMA’s, there is a lot more that I’m keen to try. There will be a lot of upcoming posts on dynamic gesture drawing, thumbnails, and environments as I dive into the fundamentals. I really am weary of depending […]


I’ve had creative blocks before, of course, but never quite so debilitating as this one. To be fair to myself, circumstances have never been stranger, for anyone, and it’s no different for me. Soon after the Prime Minister enforced the nationwide lockdown that we’re still in the midst of, I was hit by a series […]


They will call you Medusa, and freeze you in a cast of bronze, of marble, glazed upon wood and flattened between the pages of books. He who will come to your island to decapitate you will be hailed a hero, and your head will adorn the shield of Athena. He will be Perseus, the slayer […]