Course Prep

I’ll be starting two new online courses this week; Animal Drawing and Analytical Figure Drawing from CGMA. I’ve taken their Storyboarding course previously, and found it really helpful- there’s just nothing like having a real (well, alright, virtual) classroom environment and homework and feedback to keep you going when you don’t quite know which way […]

Diwali sketches

Normally I post under the title of the subject I’m sketching/ drawing, or the tools I’m using- but this day of the year it’s hard to ignore the cracking of patakas in the sky all over the city, and it generally has been a sufficiently Diwali-ish day for me to name this post thus. Between […]


My Google Pixel phone is barely trudging along, and with the release of the new long awaited iPad Pro’s, I don’t have enough saved up to spend lavishly on a new flagship phone, too. I was fretting about my options, since I take photos of all my sketches with my phone because of its great […]