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Just a crocodile with green puffs on its back, really, but I enjoyed making it. I do have more detailed entries on these creatures somewhere, but for now I’m just flipping through my older sketchbooks for ideas and deciding what to develop. I will enter another training and levelling up phase soon, I can feel […]

Fantastical Bestiary

I’ve always been fascinated by medieval bestiaries and the way they present mythical creatures as real ones. So I’m trying to work on a project where I get to develop more than just artistic skills, but practice calligraphic writing as well, which I’ve always loved to do, and generally play at being imaginative instead of […]

Here We Stand

Jorah doesn’t look like Jorah at all but Jeor’s there and Lyanna’s there so I went ahead and decided to make the sketch of the third person a fictional, younger version of Jorah Mormont. Like most of my personal, non client work, this one sort of just happened organically. I’m not even a Lyanna Mormont […]