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Assassin’s Creed Odyssey has been taking up so much of my time since it came out that it would be lying to name this post anything else and pretend like I’m not neck deep in this beautiful, legendary adventure engineered by Ubisoft. I’ve only played a little bit of Syndicate before, and was thoroughly enjoying […]

Oil Painting

Yesterday my mum and I went to what is by far the most expansive and well stocked art store I’ve ever been to in Delhi. I felt like a kid in a sweetshop, drool and all. Sketchbooks of every size, type, colour, binding and brand lined the walls. Open stock varieties of charcoal pencils, drawing […]

Fountain Pen Sketches

When I was 18, young and naive and arrogant, I used to regard fountain pen collectors with a touch of disdain. How could these crazy people justify spending tiny fortunes on tools that essentially fulfilled the same function as a £0.50 ballpoint pen? Especially when these expensive tools required regular maintenance and cleaning, and needed […]