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Hers was not a name I had encountered among any of the royalty, male or female, for it meant truth. Not one who serves the virtue of truth in the Gods’ names, not one who speaks truth in wisdom, not truth allied with nobility or faith or trustworthiness: but simply, Truth, in all its harshness, […]

The Last King

It was difficult not to love Jariq, and it was just as difficult not to wonder if such a boy as him was really cut out for the circlet of silver that his quiet, melancholic father wore with such austere dignity. Jariq was known throughout Clembay as the plump little princeling who stopped his carriage […]

More Ink Doodles

Sometimes the pen and ink fever just grips me and I end up staying away from pencils or digital tools for months at a time. This feels like one of those times. It’s not that I don’t love graphite or my Apple Pencil; it’s just that there’s something so special about the feeling of running […]