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These are a part of my storyboard training. It’s really fun, we get to write our own scripts and work at boarding them, and it’s been a good challenge. Professional board artists work at a rate of 20-50 sketches per day which is nuts, but I’m slowly creeping up on managing about 10 a day […]

Café Sketches

Instead of taking a photograph with my Pixel phone as I usually do with pencil and paper sketches using the standard camera app, I tried using this app called Cam Scanner. I’ve used it before for scanning documents and certificates and printed stuff but hadn’t really tried to scan drawings with it because it darkens […]

More Work

I’m secretly really enjoying the training period of my new job, because it means I get to make study sketches of really, really great quality art. I’ve been looking at a lot of Disney stuff, so legendary artists like Glen Keane, and making study copies. But this time, I’m actually learning construction in drawing and […]