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Diwali sketches

Normally I post under the title of the subject I’m sketching/ drawing, or the tools I’m using- but this day of the year it’s hard to ignore the cracking of patakas in the sky all over the city, and it generally has been a sufficiently Diwali-ish day for me to name this post thus. Between […]


My Google Pixel phone is barely trudging along, and with the release of the new long awaited iPad Pro’s, I don’t have enough saved up to spend lavishly on a new flagship phone, too. I was fretting about my options, since I take photos of all my sketches with my phone because of its great […]


Assassin’s Creed Odyssey has been taking up so much of my time since it came out that it would be lying to name this post anything else and pretend like I’m not neck deep in this beautiful, legendary adventure engineered by Ubisoft. I’ve only played a little bit of Syndicate before, and was thoroughly enjoying […]