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Roughs and WIP’s

Just more stuff I’ve been working on. So much of the early thumb-nailing and roughs are pencil on paper, and I have such a mediocre phone camera, and such laziness when it comes to actually using my very capable scanner, that I end up never digitally consolidating these sketches unless they’re going to be developed. […]

Old Stones

Page one of the graphic project Old Stones is complete, at least for now. What I discovered trying to refine my rough sketches into a graphic illustration was that I really, really suck at colour and lighting. Especially since the two are so intertwined, it becomes extremely frustrating trying to guess and make colour passes […]

Digital Charcoal

Yesterday I tried a short charcoal sketch in Procreate using Lane Brown’s Charcoal master pack, and over an hour passed and I just couldn’t stop playing. Below is the result of that trial run. Probably the best thing about these brushes is that they give me access to virtual versions of really high quality tools […]

Distracted Doodles

These are really just the result of idle doodles and half hearted studies. I find I’m constantly torn between wanting to draw story moments from imagination, and wanting to purely study, and generally struggling to find a balance between the two. Anxiety never helps; when I’m studying I feel like I’m not exercising my creativity, […]

Coloured Thumbnails

With todays batch of thumbnails, I decided to play around with colours in ProCreate after photographing the pencil sketch. Colour theory is something I’ve always had trouble with as well, but the nice thing about experimenting with digital colouring is the ability to modify tonal values with relative ease. You still have to know your […]


Rocks have always given me trouble, which is a pity because once I actually got around to doing these quick two- minute thumbnail studies, I realized that they’re actually super fun to draw. My Pinterest has been enthusiastically throwing increasingly more fantastical rocky landscapes at me, and I’ve been pinning them all and working my […]