My name is Saachi Singh, I’m a 23 year old female from New Delhi, India and this blog is a space for my personal writing and art. Drawing and illustration is just something I like to do on the side for fun, but writing is my bread and butter. I spent the first eighteen years of my life in India attending first a dreadful day school in the city and then a remote school in the Aravali hills, then four years in the best city in the world- Edinburgh, Scotland- and then a year in a tiny little village called Falmouth in Cornwall, on the southernmost tip of England. At the University of Edinburgh I read for a degree in English literature, with external modules in Classical (Ancient Greek and Roman) History and Literature, Social Anthropology and History of Art. I’m now back in my home country looking for a job.

I grew up with a pack of five German shepherd dogs, two rabbits and a friendly wild peacock, so animals are very dear to me. Whilst I usually try to steer clear of political debates, if I had to choose a stance I’d say I’m a centrist. I would be happy to take commissions for portraits in pencil and charcoal, and any writing jobs. I’d also be happy to work for free for the causes I feel strongly about; particularly gender equality, LGBTQ equality, and animal welfare.

Last but not least I’m ALWAYS up for collaborating on fun projects that involve storytelling, drawing or writing, especially if it’s whacky quirky fantasy stuff that you think you probably shouldn’t share with anyone (but you totally should). At the moment I’m very keen on working with writers and artists on some sort of illustrated, serialized web fiction. Doesn’t matter where in the world you are, or if there’s no funding involved- if you think it’s exciting get in touch.