Hello! My name is Saachi Singh.

I’m 24 years old, from New Delhi, India. I spent the first ten years of my life attending a day school in the city, and then a remote school in the hills, and then four years in the best city in the world- Edinburgh- and then a year in a tiny little harbour town called Falmouth in Cornwall, on the southernmost tip of the UK.

At Edinburgh University I studied English literature and graduated with a First Class, including a First in my final year dissertation, and in some of my favourite courses; the Making of Modern Fantasy, Film Studies, Early Modern Theatre, Shakespeare Adapted, Performance Studies, Victorian Transatlanticism, and Mystery and Horror. I also took external modules in Ancient History, Classical (Greek and Roman) Literature, History of Art, and Social Anthropology. (But my favourite work of literature will always be Harry Potter).

At Falmouth University I studied for an MA in Illustration, graduating with merit, having worked on a series of projects that involved writing and illustrating my own fictional travel journal, and illustrating the short stories of Edgar Allen Poe. I’ve also worked for screenwriter Nikhil Arora and drawn concept art and posters for his supernatural anthology TV series pitch.

Since this is my blog and not my website (which is saachisingh.com) I can be a bit more forthcoming about myself personally. I feel very strongly about certain issues such as class, gender and LGBT equality. My sensitization to some of those issues has happened through personal experiences of sexism, abuse, and assault- and the rest as a witness to (not a victim of) all the ugly forms of prejudice. I feel like it’s important for me to say this because I’m bemused at how many people I meet categorize me in a glance, and the number of times I wish I could’ve told fiery, intense, sharp- tongued liberals I’m on your side! Even if I have grown up on the bedrock of nepotistic privilege, I’ve felt the cracks of hypocrisy, dysfunction, and sorrow run so deeply through that foundation that it felt like growing up on quicksand. There is an earthquake coming, my friends (please be my friends) and you are the tectonic force that will change the world.

In my spare time I’m also working on an original children’s story about a naughty baby monkey called Baby Monkey, pictured below with his girlfriend: