Sketching from Memory (and Imagination)

It was an old half assed sketch really, that I decided to develop a little more. I’ve always found environments even more challenging than animals or people, and I think a lot of it boils down to my struggles with perspective. One point perspective, as in this sketch, is somewhat easier to manage, two point perspective becomes harder, and three point perspective the most brutally challenging of them all. I think this was from a castle I visited in Northumbria, though I’m not sure if it was Alnwick or near Lindisfarne because we did both on the same day trip. Anyway, I made up most of it and gave it a little backstory in the fictional world I keep daydreaming of and have been slowly developing since I was 13 or so. (about 12 years, yikes!).

IMG_0335 (1)

I messed around with the colours because it’s technically underwater and if the doors that keep it sealed are fortified glass, then it would completely change the lighting. I kind of like the blue one a little more, if only because I always use a warm sepia-golden- autumn burnt umber palette but really my favourite colours are cold blues and sea greens and stormy greys.


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