Ill health, medications and side effects have taken off a good chunk of my life but I’ve been sketching every time I feel OK in between. These are a mix of studies and conceptual doodles- I haven’t had the chance to explore or develop any of them because of the feeling of wanting to throw up that strikes randomly. But once I’m past this rough patch, I will.

This one is my favourite of the bunch, a tiny little fountain pen and ink wash that I went over with a black line in Procreate. I kind of like how it looked on the paper, too:

Not sure what it is exactly- maybe a hunter with his great feline companion?

This one’s a digital sketch in the same vein, except the animal here is some kind of horned hyena.

And another- this time, the rider is female.

Some character and costume concepts that I started ages back, but haven’t gotten around to working on.

This is a doodle for a rustic log cabin style dining hall in a treehouse boarding school- I’ve got loads of notes on it but been too daunted to start exploring it visually.

And these are miniature digital watercolour studies I did for a manuscript style illustration for a battle/ action scene.

And finally here’s a fairly straightforward page of studies done with my Kuretake No. 13 brush pen, trying to fill up an old sketchbook that’s on its last legs so that I can put it away or recycle it and free up some space. These are just gestural studies, and I have plenty more- only I can’t be bothered to upload them all.

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